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Does this describe you?

  • Eager to be self reliant and not worry about money
  • Urge for the freedom to travel and work anywhere
  • Addicted to learning and writing software
  • New versions of your favorite text editor excite you

If any or all of those things describe you then we're on the same page. I have those goals and traits too.

What I'll teach you

  • Income increasing strategies for developers
  • Web frameworks and deployment strategies
  • Become a better software developer
  • Productivity hacks to be more efficient

That's only the tip of the iceberg. You'll find this information in blog posts, free guides, books and courses.


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Why on earth should you learn from me?

On paper I'm probably the worst person to listen to. I never held a "real" job working as a software developer and I never went to university, so you won't hear me boast about how I'm a Google engineer or graduated from a prestigious school.

But I have made a living as a self taught software developer for the last 10 years.

Speaking of Google, at 3:27pm on July 29th 2015, one of Google's recruiters contacted me for a phone meeting to see if I wanted to interview for a position in Google's Engineering department. I talked to the recruiter but after hearing about their interview process and the need to download a study guide I thanked him for his time and happily declined the opportunity.

By the way, that Google story wasn't a thinly veiled brag. I shared it because it sets the tone for what you'll find on this site. You won't just find hardcore technical blog posts and material.

Do you want to be self reliant?

If you work for someone else or are solely dependent on platforms like Udemy or a book publisher then you are at their mercy. Your world can be flipped upside at any given time. There's no control, no freedom and worse -- an illusion of security.

I'll be honest with you, I'm not a big shot who made his riches and is now trying to sell you things that no longer work. I'm currently on this journey right now and I will be documenting things as I go.

In fact, some of the material I've mentioned here isn't even on my blog yet because it's not written. That's because it took me almost a year of blogging to really figure out what I want to talk about and do.

I don't want to be "that guy who just knows stuff about Rails and Docker"

I'm still going to be writing about web frameworks and all of that fun stuff, but you're also going to find content on how to repeat everything I'm doing for yourself. That means you'll learn how to create additional income as a software developer through producing technical books, courses, marketing yourself and finding consulting gigs.

I also want to give away a lot of this information for free.

What's the catch then, you might be asking? There is none. I don't mind giving away most of what I know because one of the most important things in software development is communication. I gain a lot by producing blog posts and free guides because it lets me practice communicating.

Do you like learning? Try doing!

I'm a firm believer that the fast track to learning is by doing, combined with motivation. If you have an itch to scratch, you'll find it easier to plow through what needs to be done because you really want to.

I try to write most of my content around solving a real problem or giving you actionable steps (when it makes sense) that you can try on your own rather than just parrot back the official documentation.

My material is based from experience in the trenches

All of my content is forged from real world experience. I don't sit here trying to "invent" blog posts, guides, books and courses. Great solutions come from solving a problem.

When I encounter a problem then I write about how I solved it, the same goes for sharing tips and tricks on things I learned along the way.

When you're ready, grab my guide on how to start a web app project or...