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Hi, I'm Nick. I'm a full stack developer and teacher who focuses on building and deploying web apps. Take a look at my blog or courses.

This site is a brain dump of everything I've learned from being a software developer for the last 20 years. You'll find information about Docker, Flask, general web dev and more.

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I'm not on their payroll and it hasn't impressed the ladies (yet!?), but it does mean Docker's engineers looked at my content and vouched for me.

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This guy really knows what he's talking about and packs a ton of advanced info into the course. Plus, he's very active in the forum answering students' questions. I would highly recommend this course. One of the best I've ever taken.

Nick keeps the lessons light-hearted and interesting (he's a pretty funny dude), and covers in detail Docker concepts with good practical examples.

His delivery is great, the supporting docs are great, the example files alone are worth the money. Nice one. Very happy.

Love the way Nick has taken the course from scratch to a level where you can actually see things come together. A good start for someone who is new to Docker. Nick loves to give answers to all the questions that come into your mind. I highly recommend anyone to take up this course.

Nick speaks very clearly, and at a good pace. When reviewing the material, you can play the videos at 1.5x and although it sounds fast, he speaks clearly enough that you can still understand.

The lecture lengths are smart, and Nick covers questions that most people would think to ask in a logical and thoughtful way.

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