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1 Hour Talk on Creating a Command Line Development Environment


Topics were covered such as using the command line, terminals, shells, scripting, aliases, prompt, history, tmux, Vim, dotfiles and more.

Quick Jump: TL;DR on What Was Covered

Back in September 2020 I gave my first live talk around using the command line. The video below is a quick recap of the talk and the full talk can be found on YouTube.

I’m really happy I went through with accepting to do this. Going live is a whole different world than pre-recorded videos. I was really nervous but I think I may do more live streams in the future to get more used to it.

Update: In Jan. 2021 I gave the same talk to a different group. That video can also be found on YouTube and this time around the audio quality is a bit clearer.

TL;DR on What Was Covered

Did you happen to catch the talk? What did you think? Did I miss anything?

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