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A Shell Script to Keep a Bunch of Dockerized Example Apps Up to Date


In this video we'll go over an example of how writing shell scripts can help save you a lot of time for things you do regularly.

Quick Jump: Going Over the Script

After creating a few example apps for Flask, Django, Rails, Phoenix and Node it started to get a bit tedious to figure out when to update package dependencies in each project. I automated the process with a shell script, here’s what I did.

Going Over the Script


  • 0:32 – Why I created this shell script
  • 2:02 – Running the deau shell script to check for updates
  • 4:33 – The main takeaway is to automate things when you can
  • 4:58 – Taking a look at the deau script’s source code
  • 10:30 – Any questions?

What was the latest shell script you wrote? Let me know below.

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