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As Developers It's OK to Call It Quits and Make Compromises Sometimes


In this video I share a story about how I spent 2+ hours writing a git pre-commit hook to block TODO items and threw in the towel.

Quick Jump: Failing to Write a Robust Git Pre-commit Hook

I would consider myself to be very determined and often spend unreasonable amounts of time just to get something to work but this time around I decided to make a compromise.

Instead of hacking on a git pre-commit hook for the whole weekend to help block TODO / FIXME items from being able to be commit, I settled for using a Vim command I forgot I had.

Failing to Write a Robust Git Pre-commit Hook

Timestamped Table of Contents

  • 0:33 – Are you spending your time wisely?
  • 1:06 – Preventing TODO items from being commit to version control
  • 2:25 – Mistakes happen even with a lot of proof reading and double checking
  • 2:47 – Edge cases happen in real life, here’s an example of one
  • 4:01 – Breaking protocol was part of the reason this happened in the first place
  • 4:46 – Looking to prevent the problem automatically with a git pre-commit hook
  • 8:12 – Running into issues adding patch commits (git add -p)
  • 9:02 – Eventually throwing in the towel and making a compromise
  • 9:53 – Creating a semi-automated solution with your code editor

What was the last thing you made a compromise on? Let me know below.

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