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Avoiding Insert Delay Related Problems around Deleting with Vim & tmux


I had a problem with accidentally deleting lines when using the mouse with Vim. It turns out it was due to misconfiguring things a bit.

Quick Jump: Demoing the Issue & Fixing It with 2 Config Settings

A few months ago I added a couple of settings to my .vimrc and tmux.conf files which caused an issue where you could easily end up deleting paragraphs or lines from a file without control. It happened to me multiple times a day.

I recently was able to pin point the problem and the video below explains how the problem came into existence and what I changed to fix it. The fix has been pushed to my dotfiles repo on GitHub.

Demoing the Issue & Fixing It with 2 Config Settings

Timestamped Table of Contents

  • 1:09 – Vim will happily delete points between your cursor and where you mouse click
  • 2:35 – Attempting to fix the problem by tinkering with things until it worked
  • 4:29 – Why I even added NoInsertKeycodes to my vimrc in the first place
  • 6:45 – Things started to work after adjusting a tmux option for escape-time
  • 7:40 – I have not experienced the problem again in 9+ days, I think it works
  • 8:11 – Are you a Vim wizard? Let me know in the comments why this happened

Can you explain why things work now? Let me know below.

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