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Create an Awesome Linux Development Environment in Windows with VMware


Set up a seamless Linux development environment in Windows using the free version of VMware.

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I no longer use this set up

It has been fully replaced with a Windows 10 WSL 2 / Docker Desktop set up. It is super solid for full time development.

Check It Out!

If you follow the step by step video below you will be able to do what you see above.

Screencast Summary

You’ll learn how to set up a seamless Linux development environment in Windows by using the free version of VMware.

It’s the set up I have been using for years as a full time developer.

Topics Covered

Screencast Resources

You’ll need to download these to follow along:

VMware Player 7


xubuntu 14.02 64-bit


Now that you have an excellent development environment set up, it’s time to put it to good use. Take a peek at some of my courses.

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