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Deploy Web Apps with Docker


Rescue yourself from the complexity of DevOps with this guide book on Docker. A 55 page book for less than the cost of a pizza.

Quick Jump: What Makes Docker So Good? | Git Push Your Code and Then Relax | Here's Just a Few Key Topics the Book Covers | Application Deployment Doesn't Have to Be Painful

Learn how to Dockerize a web app in development and deploy it to production in a secure way with the book, Deploy web apps with Docker (note: don’t buy this book, it’s outdated).

What Makes Docker So Good?

Docker allows you to package an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development. Never again will you hit the brick wall of “well it worked on my machine” because now what you’re running in development is extremely close to what’s in production.

Git Push Your Code and Then Relax

Once you complete the book you will have the knowledge and a pre-made solution that lets you git push code to either a staging or production server. All sorts of interesting automated build tasks will occur and in the end, a shiny new version of your app will be running without doing a thing.

Here’s Just a Few Key Topics the Book Covers

  • Create a demo web application (easily apply it to your favorite framework)
  • Create a staging environment with Vagrant and CoreOS
  • Crash course with systemd
  • Leverage nginx to handle SSL and to reverse proxy the app
  • Git hooks to create automated builds
  • Register on Digital Ocean ($100 free credits)
  • Register a domain name at rock bottom costs
  • Obtain a free SSL certificate and hook it up

Application Deployment Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

Save yourself from months of painful research and testing. With this book you will be well on your way to deploying applications with Docker. You have nothing to lose, there’s a 45 day money back guarantee and it costs less than a pizza.

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The book comes with quite a bit of source code that’s broken down per chapter. You will be able to follow along and compare your code to the master copy.

Hey There, Don’t Buy This!

You shouldn’t buy this book because it’s outdated at this point and it was just an experiment on book publishing and a proof of concept for the Docker for DevOps video course.

Expect future books to remain relevant. I am keeping this article around for historic reasons.

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