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Docker Tip #92: Rolling Back to a Previous Docker Desktop Version


Sometimes you may want to back out of the latest Docker Desktop and install an older version. Here's how to do that.

Prefer video? Here’s a recorded version of this tip on YouTube.

You can head over to https://docs.docker.com/desktop/release-notes/ to find a list of all releases where there’s download links for Windows, macOS and various Linux distros.

Once you’ve downloaded the release you want to roll back to you can run the installer and when it prompts you to replace your current version of Docker Desktop with the new one you can hit yes (or no if you want to abort the installation).

Images and volumes that you had previously should still be available after the replacement.

This can be a handy thing to do if you updated Docker Desktop and came across a bug. For example, on my work issued laptop (MBP) containers kept hanging due to a Virtiofs bug with macOS 12.3 but it was eventually fixed in macOS 12.4. Downgrading to Docker Desktop 4.5 fixed the issue and we went back to the latest release once macOS 12.4 was available.

Update: Unfortunately this doesn’t always work for all versions or operating systems. For example on Windows you may need to uninstall your existing version and then install the new one. This is a bit more inconvenient than replacing the current version since you’ll need to rebuild your images, but in the end it does let you roll back to an older version!

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