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For the Time Being 16GB of RAM for Web Development Works Really Well


This video goes over running a ton of apps at once on Windows 10 with my 2014 workstation. Even while recording a video it doesn't hit 13GB.

Quick Jump: Demo Video

I don’t blog or create videos around hardware that often but hardware specs is something we all deal with as a software developer so it seemed worthy of a video.

This tweet about 16GB of RAM sparked my interest to make the video, along with having gotten emailed in the past a few times asking how much memory to get in a new dev box.

In my day to day as a web developer even with large Dockerized apps, running multiple virtual machines, tons of coding, 20+ browser tabs, video recording / editing, image editing, MP3 players and miscellaneous apps running, I never use more than the 16GB of memory I have available on my workstation.

This video demos having most apps I use open at once. This is on a workstation built in 2014 with a weak CPU and video card by today’s standards (the specs are covered in the video).

Demo Video


  • 0:22 – Software I typically run in my day to day
  • 1:42 – My 2014 workstation’s hardware specs
  • 3:07 – Memory usage is at 12.5GB while running a silly amount of things at once
  • 4:25 – Jumping around and moving around windows, it’s still fast
  • 4:42 – Running Vim, tmux and a complex Flask web application in Docker
  • 6:14 – GIMP, a video editing tool (DaVinci Resolve), an MP3 player and more
  • 8:23 – You could also get a way better CPU and video card nowadays

Have you ever used more than 16GB of RAM for development? Let me know below.

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