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Get Better at Reading Documentation, Specifications and Requirements


Reading comprehension is a valuable skill to practice as a software developer. Break down paragraphs into sentences and then words.

Quick Jump: Going Over This Topic

In your day to day you’ll be reading documenation, specifications, requirements or problems written by others and your job is to make sense of it all. Often times you’ll be writing a program to solve the problem based on what you’ve read.

Being able to break things down into tiny steps is critically important.

Going Over This Topic


  • 0:18 – Being mindful of when to break something down
  • 1:06 – Understanding what to do
  • 2:05 – Keep breaking things down until it makes sense
  • 3:39 – This is something I do all the time when reading docs
  • 5:16 – Practicing is good and it paid off for them
  • 7:52 – I did write a blog post on breaking down problems years ago
  • 9:28 – Breaking down a fairly small coding problem

How do you better understand problems so you can solve them? Let me know below.

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