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Get the MD5 Hash of a File with OpenSSL


This is a fairly compatible way that works on most distros of Linux and macOS without needing extra dependencies.

Quick Jump: Demo Video

You can run openssl md5 "${file}" | cut -d " " -f 2. Without cut it will return MD5(demo)= b1946ac92492d2347c6235b4d2611184, cut parses out just the hash.

There are other solutions to solve this problem but they typically require installing third party packages.

I needed to get the MD5 hash of a YAML file in a script to trigger a Kubernetes rollout when a specific annotation in a deployment config changed. The above did the trick.

Demo Video


  • 0:16 – Parsing out just the hash with cut

When was the last time you needed to get the hash of a file? Let me know below!

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