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Implementing 3 Different Website Features with Jekyll Using Includes


In this 20 minute video we'll cover using the same pattern to add a few useful features on a blog powered by a static site generator.

Quick Jump: Adding Features for a Table of Contents, Affiliate Link Notice and Embedding Videos

About 4 years ago I created this site with Jekyll. During that time I’ve added a bunch of little features to my site using features provided by Jekyll, such as being able to include files.

Technically you can do everything we cover in this video using any static site generator that supports including files such as Hugo, but we’re going to focus on implementing them in Jekyll since that’s what powers this site.

Timestamped Table of Contents

  • 0:40 – The 3 features we’re going to cover implementing in Jekyll
  • 2:03 – Why I decided to post an affiliate link notice on my site
  • 5:01 – Implementing an affiliate link notice on posts that have affiliate links
  • 8:04 – Counting posts with affiliate links on the command line using grep and wc
  • 8:58 – Adding a table of contents or quick jump nav bar with Jekyll
  • 13:17 – Adding a Youtube or media embed feature using includes with Jekyll
  • 15:32 – The missing named anchor for making the table of contents work
  • 16:21 – Back to including the Youtube embed into a blog post
  • 19:27 – Wrapping up and reviewing using includes with Jekyll
  • 20:05 – Do you want to see more Jekyll content? Let me know in the comments

What features have you developed with include files? Let me know below.

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