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The Docker for DevOps Course Is Now Available

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I want to create an online course that teaches developers how to use Docker.

Like my previous course Build a SAAS app with Flask it will be packed with knowledge that I’ve obtained while working as a developer and consultant for years.

It will cover a lot of ground.

Join Me Today on Kickstarter to Save 75%+ Off

Backers will be able to receive the course for 75%+ off and have an opportunity to get my other Build a SAAS app with Flask course at a tremendous discount.

You'll be able to follow step by step regardless of what operating system you use. There will also be an example app provided in Flask and Ruby on Rails so you can follow along with a variety of popular web frameworks.

You'll learn how to use Docker, setup a staging server, deploy a secure web app over SSL and host everything on a major cloud provider with a custom domain name.

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