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Live Coding an Update to My Build a SAAS App with Flask Course


In this 25 minute video we go over updating Postgres, Redis, Python, Node, a bunch of Python packages and adding Hadolint.

Quick Jump: Demo Video

I recently added an update to my https://buildasaasappwithflask.com course and decided to publish that update video publicly. It demonstrates the process of maintaining and updating a real world application.

Demo Video


  • 1:21 – Updating Postgres and Redis
  • 3:47 – Updating Python and Node
  • 5:23 – Updating all of our Python packages
  • 12:00 – Introducing Hadolint to lint our Dockerfile
  • 13:07 – Going back to committing our Python package updates
  • 13:31 – And we’re back to Hadolint
  • 16:50 – Going over which front-end dependencies we’ll be updating
  • 20:12 – Running Yarn outdated to figure out what we’re updating
  • 21:25 – Updating Font Awesome and jQuery
  • 22:11 – When is the Flask course going to be re-written?
  • 24:34 – Do our tests still pass? Yep!
  • 25:50 – Does interacting with Stripe still work? Yes!
  • 27:42 – What will be in the next update?

Do you want to see more videos in this style? Let me know below.

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