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Making a Human Friendly Changelog by Following Keep a Changelog's Tips


Your changelog should make it easy for humans to see what's been added, changed, deprecated, removed and fixed at a glance.

Quick Jump: Going Over Everything

If you’re not already creating a changelog for your projects you should very much consider creating one. You could even go back and create one based on previous releases.

Being able to see a high level overview of what changed between versions of a tool or library you use is very useful. It’s even more useful when it’s been hand written for a human to read instead of being a list of git commits.

In this video we’re going to look at a set of guidelines and tips provided by https://keepachangelog.com to create a changelog in a systematic way that will work for most projects.

Going Over Everything


  • 0:23 – Keep a Changelog is a set of guidelines and tips to organize a changelog
  • 1:43 – Taking a look at an open source project that’s using this style
  • 3:40 – It’s a Markdown file, here’s what it looks like
  • 4:28 – Taking advantage of filling out unreleased changes
  • 5:14 – How I was doing it before
  • 6:25 – Will you be using Keep a Changelog’s guidelines in your projects?

How do you format your changelog? Let me know below.

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