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Overcoming Analysis Paralysis as a Software Developer


This is a common thing to have when picking anything like a library, tool, web framework, tech stack, implementation strategy and more.

Quick Jump: Going Over Everything

This is a great quote from how to be a Linux kernel manager:

It helps to realize that the key difference between a big decision and a small one is whether you can fix your decision afterwards.

That was a nice reminder to hear because in the grand scheme of things most tech related choices are small because fixing them means deleting or refactoring code. If you happen to be a perfectionist your mind will trick you into thinking small decisions are big ones.

In this video we’ll go over a few ways to overcome analysis paralysis such as making a proof of concept with all of your choices and using Socratic questioning.

Going Over Everything


  • 0:34 – I tend to be a perfectionist and it thrives with indecision
  • 1:47 – Make a proof of concept with all of your choices
  • 3:09 – What it’s like to be a manager for the Linux kernel
  • 5:06 – How this applied to me recently with Terraform
  • 7:07 – A lot of tech choices are small in the grand scheme of things
  • 8:14 – Don’t be afraid to form your own opinions
  • 8:57 – Backtracking out of potentially incorrect small decisions
  • 9:42 – Using Socratic questioning to systematically help make choices

What tactics do you use to make decisions? Let me know below.

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