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Ancient Babylonians May Have Invented IRC 2,000+ Years Ago

Ancient civilizations were using forms of IRC to communicate ideas and solve problems. Learn why IRC is great for programmers today.

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Who Else Wants to Boost Their Terminal Productivity With tmux?

tmux allows you to save your terminal sessions and split your terminal into multiple windows. It's one of my favorite tools.

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How to Start a Successful Freelance Business as a Software Developer

Start your freelance business on the right foot by avoiding common mistakes that you will hold you back from victory.

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Have You Hit the Point of Diminishing Returns as a Developer?

Investing a little bit of time into new skills will very likely improve your quality of life as a software developer and human being.

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Are you completely overwhelmed
when starting new web app projects?

Read my How to Start Any Web App Project guide

Plain Text and Google keep Is a Killer Combo for Notes and Organization

Stop wasting time with complicated note taking applications and give Google Keep a shot. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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Docker Toolbox, Docker Machine, Docker Compose, Docker WHAT!?

Get a high level overview on a number of Docker related tools so you can identify them and learn what they do.

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