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Transform a Toshiba Chromebook CB35 into a Linux Development Environment with GalliumOS

Learn how to upgrade and transform a Chromebook to run GalliumOS, which is a native Linux based OS designed for Chromebooks.

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See How Virtual Desktops Let You Get More Done in Less Time

There are a number of free virtual desktop tools for all major platforms that you can be using right now to boost your productivity.

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Schedules Aren't a Constraint on Life, They Let You Live It

Become aware of bad habits that make you less productive and learn how to break them with proper time management skills.

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Dockerize a Rails 5, Postgres, Redis, Sidekiq and Action Cable Application with Docker Compose

Learn how to install and use Docker to run a Rails 5, Postgres, Redis, Sidekiq and Action Cable app in development with Docker Compose.

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Are you completely overwhelmed
when starting new web app projects?

Read my How to Start Any Web App Project guide

Planning a Trip to Boston? Here Is What I Did for 5 Days

Get an extensive list of things to do in Boston. You'll find a mix of well known and not so well known attractions to visit and loads of pictures.

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Fix Missing CSRF Token Issues with Flask

Learn how to fix bad request / CSRF token missing errors with Flask that stem from bugs with webkit based browsers.

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