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Reviewing Tailkit (300+ Tailwind Components) and Giving Away 2 Copies


Tailkit has 300+ responsive TailwindCSS UI components, layouts and pages. We'll go over how I'm using it in a few projects.

Quick Jump: Reviewing and Using Tailkit

I’ve been using TailwindCSS for a number of projects over the last year or so and since I resumed building my custom course platform I wanted to use something that makes it easier and faster to build out UI components since I’m not primarily a designer.

This is where Tailkit comes into play. We’ll go over what it gives you and how I’m using it on a few projects, both for myself and for client work. The author of Tailkit also gave us 2 copies to give away (it’s a paid product), the details are in the video.

Reviewing and Using Tailkit


  • 0:25 – Getting a feel for Tailkit and giving away 2 copies
  • 1:12 – I was given a free copy of Tailkit to make this video but…
  • 2:48 – Comparing the pricing plans and getting free lifetime updates
  • 4:32 – Checking out a few Tailkit components
  • 8:02 – Going over Tailkit’s changelog and recent updates
  • 8:53 – Taking a look at even more Tailkit components
  • 12:45 – Creating a landing page and pricing tables
  • 17:00 – Looking at a few Tailkit inspired contact and landing pages
  • 20:01 – A few other components I used from Tailkit in a dark theme
  • 21:58 – Taking a look at a few sidebar navigation lists
  • 23:30 – A dark theme sign in page
  • 24:46 – Creating a custom course watching and Q & A page
  • 28:26 – Using Tailkit’s footer component on a few sites
  • 29:35 – Responsive video using Tailwind’s aspect ratio class
  • 30:26 – Is it worth buying Tailkit? What about TailwindUI?
  • 31:19 – Giving away 2 copies of Tailkit
  • 33:18 – Creating a consistent feeling UI even if you get Tailkit and TailwindUI

Are you planning to use or already use Tailkit? Let me know below.

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