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Save and Restore Tmux Sessions across Reboots with Tmux Resurrect


This is a plugin for tmux that persists your sessions, windows, panes and more. It's controlled by hotkeys to save and restore everything.

Quick Jump: Installing and Using tmux-resurrect

Tmux is one of my favorite tools. It lets you create sessions that contain multiple windows and panes and it persists everything even if you close your terminal. However, out of the box if you reboot you will lose all of your sessions.

But with the tmux-resurrect plugin you can save and restore your sessions whenever you want by hitting a hotkey to save them and another hotkey to restore them.

Installing and Using tmux-resurrect


  • 0:09 – Tmux persists sessions but not across reboots
  • 0:39 – tmux-resurrect is a plugin that lets you save and restore sessions and more
  • 1:39 – Installing tpm (tmux plugin manager)
  • 4:09 – Installing tmux-resurrect using tpm
  • 5:15 – Tmux’s default behavior without resurrect
  • 7:30 – Saving and restoring everything with tmux-resurrect
  • 8:40 – This is really useful for dev boxes where you might be rebooting a bit

Are you using this plugin? Let me know below.

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