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ShellCheck's -x Flag Lets You Source Files without SC1091 Warnings


This is really handy to avoid having to add a source path as a comment or ignore SC1091 every time you source a file.

Quick Jump: Demo Video

I’m a really big fan of ShellCheck. Often times your shell scripts might source in another file. When you call shellcheck -x myscript instead of shellcheck myscript that lets ShellCheck know to check the path of sourced files without explicitly annotating them with a comment.

It will still detect source calls with incorrect paths too because it tests the path by default when using -x. If you don’t use -x chances are you’ve found yourself adding shellcheck specific comments like # shellcheck disable=SC1091 to every file you source.

Demo Video


  • 0:06 – Demonstrating the SC1091 warning and how to fix it
  • 1:06 – Using the -x flag to avoid annotating every time you source a file
  • 1:32 – I might alias shellcheck to always run with -x
  • 2:07 – The -x flag still tests to make sure the sourced file exists

Will using -x make its way into all of your shellcheck commands? Let us know!

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