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Temporarily Ignore a Shell Alias by Using a Backslash


If you've aliased a command with extra flags, once in a while it might be useful to run the raw command. Here's 5 ways to do that.

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For example, chances are you have a color flag added to your ls command in the form of an alias. You can check by running type ls. You can run the raw non-aliased version by running \ls -la. This works to bypass any alias, not just ls.

Demo Video


5 different ways to bypass running an alias:

# My preferred way of doing it.
\ls -la

'ls' -la
"ls" -la
/bin/ls -la
command ls -la


  • 0:07 – Using a fairly standard ls alias with color support
  • 0:38 – Using a backslash, quotes or the full path to bypass a Shell alias
  • 1:45 – Applying this to the diff command if you have a custom alias
  • 3:19 – Which aliases do you skip once in a while?

How often do you do this in your day to day? Let me know below.

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