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Test Specific HTTP Status Code Responses With httpstat.us


You could use this site to test an HTTP client or perhaps the return value of a mocked API response in development.

Quick Jump: Demo Video

https://httpstat.us/ has a list of most HTTP status codes and if you click any of them the site will return that response back which makes this site handy to test things.

For example, maybe your web app is connecting to a third party API and you’re working on just the logic to handle non-200 responses so you temporarily call this site to get different responses quickly. Or you might want to test a script with curl using the --fail flag which makes curl exit with a non-0 code for anything but a 200 response.

Demo Video


  • 0:16 – It supports a bunch of different HTTP status codes
  • 0:34 – This could be useful if you’re connecting to a third party API
  • 1:03 – You could use this with curl and the –fail flag
  • 2:12 – It’s open source with a reasonable fair use policy
  • 2:34 – I recently used it to help test response codes quickly and in isolation

What do you think you’ll be using this site for? Let me know below!

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