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Toggle Boolean Vim Settings with Inv or an Exclamation Point


This can be really handy to set up a few mappings to toggle spell check, relative line numbers, white space characters and more.

Quick Jump: Demo Video

Here’s a few examples using ! to toggle settings:

" Toggle spell check.
nnoremap <F5> :setlocal spell!<CR>

" Toggle relative and regular line numbers.
nnoremap <F6> :set relativenumber!<CR>

" Toggle visually showing all white space characters.
nnoremap <F7> :set list!<CR>

The above example does the same thing as what’s below:

" Toggle spell check.
nnoremap <F5> :setlocal invspell<CR>

" Toggle relative and regular line numbers.
nnoremap <F6> :set invrelativenumber<CR>

" Toggle visually showing all whites pace characters.
nnoremap <F7> :set invlist<CR>

Personally I prefer the first version because it keeps the command name the same. I find it more difficult to mentally parse out the “inv”. Using ! to invert something in programming is pretty common too, although that’s usually put before the expression instead of after.

The video below demonstrates these mappings and goes into a bit more detail.

Demo Video


  • 0:11 – Toggling spell check, relative line numbers and white space characters
  • 1:46 – Going over each set of custom mappings in my vimrc file
  • 2:51 – I prefer using the exclamation point due to it being more readable

Which style of inverting a boolean setting do you prefer? Let me know below.

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