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Transforming an Idea from Your Brain into an Open Source Project


In this video we'll go over what I typically think about to determine whether or not I'm going to make an open source project.

Quick Jump: Applying This to a Real Project

The TL;DR is to try and scratch your own itch and solve your own problems. That’s pretty much the deciding factor in almost every open source, library or web app project that I start.

This video is going to apply my thought process to a project that I recently open sourced.

Applying This to a Real Project


  • 0:35 – Scratching your own itch and solving your own problems
  • 3:11 – Hacking around on the initial prototype for a few minutes
  • 5:26 – Discovering bugs or unexpected issues after working on it for a while
  • 9:00 – Polishing it a bit, writing docs, adding CI and open sourcing it

How do you figure out if you’re going to open source something? Let me know below.

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