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Why and How I Use Vim-Plug to Manage My Vim Plugins


Since I started with Vim pretty late, the first plugin manager I tried was vim-plug and it seems nearly perfect.

Quick Jump: Demo Video of Using Vim Plug

In this video we’ll do a quick run down on using Vim Plug to manage your Vim plugins. We won’t explore every last command but we will cover installing, updating and removing plugins which is what I do 99% of the time in my day to day.

Demo Video of Using Vim Plug

Timestamped Table of Contents

  • 1:11 – Alternatives to using vim-plug
  • 1:52 – Why I decided to use to vim-plug
  • 2:05 – There’s the built-in plugin manager with Vim too
  • 2:42 – The basic idea of adding plugins to your vimrc with vim-plug
  • 3:16 – Installing vim-plug is painless, checkout the README on GitHub
  • 3:35 – vim-plug makes it easy to reference which plugins you want installed
  • 4:02 – Installing a plugin with the PlugInstall command
  • 4:27 – Running PlugUpdate will update your existing plugins
  • 4:32 – Vim makes it easy for you to control when plugins get updated
  • 7:19 – Removing a plugin using the PlugClean command
  • 8:15 – Recap on why I’m happy with vim-plug

Which Vim plugin manager do you use and why? Let me know below!

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