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Deploy to Production

Deploy your Dockerized web apps with Ansible, Terraform and friends.

This is a new course I'm currently putting together.

It's focused on solo developers and small teams who want to take any Dockerized web app they have in development and deploy it to production on 1 or more servers in an automated, secure, efficient and affordable way.

The course covers a ton of topics around setting up servers in an automated way, security, best practices around making your existing apps production ready, CI / CD, git based deploys, CDNs, profiling, monitoring, logging, alerts, backups and dozens of other things.

We'll start with example apps that are sitting on our dev box and by the end of the course you'll be deploying them along with your own Dockerized web apps onto a custom domain name over HTTPS with only a few lines of configuration.

The methods included in this course are based on best practices from:

  • Deploying dozens of web apps for contract work over the last 7+ years
  • Lots of tinkering and obsessing over details to make everything easy to use
  • Extracting out all of the best patterns from chatting with 100+ different developers about how they deploy their apps on my Running in Production podcast.

The amount of writing, re-writing, refactoring and testing that went into all of this has been years in the making. I'm really looking forward to shipping, supporting and maintaining this course (with free updates) for years to come.

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