Docker for DevOps: From Development to Production

Build and deploy web applications with Docker in an automated way

It starts at the real beginning

"Even if you already went through the official Docker docs, this course will help you get your head straight. It starts at the real beginning and builds up to a full provisioning script, which is just pure awesomeness."

— Pedro S.

Here's what you'll learn

The course includes over 105 lectures and 8 hours of content. Level up your DevOps skills by developing and deploying your own web apps.

  • Set up your OS to run Docker (Win, OSX and Linux)
  • Docker basics and a typical hello world example
  • Dockerize a Flask and Rails app in development
  • Virtual machine set up for a staging server
  • Crash course with systemd and nginx
  • Configure things to work over SSL (HTTPS) for free
  • Create a server on digitalocean ($10 included)
  • Purchase and configure a custom domain name

Who is this for?

Anyone who is tired of overpaying for hosting and wants to learn how to set up their own automated app deployments with Docker.

  • Anyone who wants to learn more about Docker
  • Anyone who wants to be a well rounded developer
  • Anyone who wants to understand the full life cycle of their application
  • Anyone who wants to be able to git push their code and be confident it all works
  • Those looking to gain confidence to apply for DevOps positions at software companies
Damn, so many things I conceptualized but haven't seen in action

"A lot of really cool real-world DevOps tips and how-to's in this course."

— Fernando G.
I am very pleased with this course

"This course was really well put together and covers a wide range of topics around both DevOps and Docker. I chose it primarily for the Docker side, but learned a lot about Ruby and Python too."

— Edward Q.
The overall quality of the course exceeded my expectations

"In my opinion Nick did a great job by demonstrating the entire process of using Docker in development, staging and production servers. I like his manner of presenting the material. I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to understand Docker."

— Dmitry S.

Why is it worth learning Docker and
what the heck is DevOps?

Here's what Docker brings to the table:
  • Saves you from a ton of headaches when setting up development environments
  • Easily move an application across environments or servers
  • Prevents issues such as "well, it worked on my machine!"
  • Makes developing with teams a much more pleasant experience
  • You won't need expensive hosting to deploy your web applications
What is this DevOps thing I keep hearing about?

Everyone has their own definition of what DevOps is but to me it's taking responsibility for the full life cycle of your application. That means you're in charge of not only developing your app but deploying it too. Sound DevOps strategies help avoid being called at 4am to fix a server issue.

With this course you'll get comfortable with the Docker ecosystem
and get an end to end guided tour for deploying a web application

Aren't you sick and tired of not
knowing how to deploy your apps?

I know I was because most of the options stink. You could use something like Heroku which is very easy to set up but also very limiting and they charge a hefty fee -- easily upwards of 10x verses doing it yourself.

Watching my account bleed out every month while I lined Heroku's pockets with riches was very demoralizing.

So with that option out of the way, the next option is to crack open Google and just start consuming blog posts like an animal.

That may work to some extent but what you'll most likely end up finding are dozens of half baked blog posts written by dozens of different authors who have different goals.

Not only is that going to take a long time, which may conflict heavily with you wanting to ship your product quickly but when you're talking about something as cohesive and complicated as app deployment, it's very difficult to learn in that environment.

That's where my course steps in.

There's no uncertainty or guess work. If you complete this course you will have your application running in production.

You get the advantage of being able to see how everything fits together with a working example that we use in the course. This course is very hands on and you will be expected to follow along to get the most of it.

You'll also get advice on where to go next for:
  • Adding more services to your application
  • Scaling out beyond 1 host
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Hooking up a continuous integration pipeline
  • Dealing with centralized logging
  • Getting a handle on configuration management tools
I really enjoyed the course and recommend it to others

"After several attempts to wrap my head around Docker, this is the first time I've walked away with a real understanding of how to leverage it in real world scenarios. The progressive approach from basics to advanced is well thought out and effective. Nick is an excellent instructor that speaks from a perspective I can relate to as a self taught developer."

— Khalid M.

What makes this course different than
other courses you might find on Docker?

This course is much more than just Docker. In fact, Docker is only a small component of it in the grand scheme of things.

That doesn't mean you won't learn much about Docker. You'll learn all you need to know about Docker to be comfortable using it in the real world in both development and production.

You're getting well tested code that I have been using in production for some of my own applications. That's how nearly all of my course material is forged. I figure things out the hard way, and then pass that knowledge onto others in a concise way.

You'll have all the confidence you need to build and deploy your own Dockerized web applications and even further your career.

I stumbled upon this while researching the best way to deploy Flask applications

"I have been going through this course while creating & deploying my own application which I am building for my company, in parallel. This course has surpassed all my expectations and beyond. You have no idea how helpful this course have been for people like me who are beginners in application development, wrapping my head around Docker was very difficult but important as it is a necessity for deploying an application these days."

— Ishan G.
The course has a perfect balance between theory and practical material

"At the end of the course, you have a working and secured web app with fully automatized deployment along with an understanding of how it works. This is exactly what I wanted from the course."

— Daria S.
This is one of those courses that you watch over and over and still learn something new

"The instructor is well informed and speaks in a friendly tune. Thank you Nick for all the positive energy you put in while compiling this course."

— Ihab A.


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Hands-down one of the best courses I've ever completed in any subject

"This tutorial is perfect for anyone who's developed web apps and is looking to graduate to more professional deployment schemes."

— Tom A.
This environment really works, allowing you to customize it further as you wish

"Regarding support, I had a few issues - mainly because I made some changes that caused errors. Used the Q&A, and was amazed when the author replied in a few minutes. Many thanks to the author."

— Jose L.