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Work Together

Rent my brain to write code, deploy your code, give programming advice or discover ways to optimize your startup / business.

Being stuck on a problem stinks (trust me I know, I’ve been writing software for ~20 years).

If you’re tired of Googling, hit a road block that’s preventing you or your company from moving forward or you just want an experienced second set of eyes and ears to go over something then I am happy to help.

Here’s a Few Things I Can Help With

  • Planning out your project (architecture, platforms, etc.)
  • Deploying your web apps in an automated way (Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, CI, etc.)
  • Developing web applications (Flask and Ruby on Rails, but also general concepts)
  • Training you or your team on how to use the above technologies

Nick integrated immediately with our team and provided comprehensive technical guidance on how to leverage Docker with our Ruby Application. He was pleasant to work with, instrumental in troubleshooting technical challenges, and accommodated our aggressive schedule. I would strongly recommend Nick’s services as he is a very effective and valuable technical resource and educator.

I also have a knack for figuring out work flows, along with finding bugs and usability issues with existing applications that are up and running.

Some SAAS apps that I use have given me unprovoked discounts, simply because of the bugs I managed to find while using their product as an end user (I wasn’t explicitly trying). These are established companies with tens of thousands of paying customers.

I suppose what this boils down to is an attention to detail.

Nick helped look at our architecture and understand how containers could work in our code base. He also helped troubleshoot a stability issue on AWS with our Ruby code base. In both cases Nick gave us great insights into the situation and what I liked best was his detailed and rigorous thought process. I’m a very happy customer.


I will never take on a gig or position unless I’m 1,000% positive I have the time to give it my all and support it long term.

Nick helped us get familiar with the Docker ecosystem and apply Docker to our Rails apps. I loved how easy Nick was to contact, and throughout our consultations he was super easy to work with, knowledgeable and thoughtful. There’s peace of mind being able to bounce ideas off someone and that’s what we needed when it came to using Docker.

How It Works

We’ll chat on the phone, Google Meet or Zoom and discuss what you want to accomplish, and then we’ll move forward from there.

Sessions start at 1 hour and depending on what we’re doing, I’ll either solve your problem on the spot or crawl into a cave and come back with a solution.

Email nick.janetakis@gmail.com if you're interested in working together.